Undocked dx9 renderer question

Is there a way to remove the bar at the top with the test
'directX renderer ?

I have a presentation for schoolproject and made a prototype interface for an audiovisual instrument, and want a second output to run ‘in the interface’. But the bard with directXrenderer is kind of in the way :)

if you like to see one renderer into another, use the DX9Texture node to get a texture and place it on a quad into the other renderer…

you can use ctrl+8 on a vvvv window to remove its border. alt+drag in the window to position it when it has no border. note that the border-less state cannot be saved.

@tonfilm: yeah i knew that, but thanks anyway :)
@joreg: thx, that’s what i needed

Hmmm this only removes the window of the vvvv patch,
it also does it when I do it on an undocked renderer, but then the output of the renderer is gone.