Undock a Subpatch inside a Subptach

Got this weird thing, I am using 2 instances of a subpatch, and in that is another one, and that one shows up as docked.

Now, I could undock the first subpatch (ALT + dragging it out), but I am not able to do the same for the subpatch inside that subpatch.

I can undock it, but when I hide/close (right clicking on a subpatch?), or save my patch, it will always come back as docked.

Am I doing something wrong? It is a big deal, because I only want to work in the left one, but that makes me click the correct tabpage every time I switch.

Hope it makes sense, I attached and example.


i am afraid this is by design. the windows coordinates are saved in the patch of which you are using 2 identical instances. therefore the windows positions are the same for both.

note that alternatively to switching tabs by clicking on the tabpage buttons you can rightclick the nodeinstance of the corresponding node whose window you want to edit. this will make its tabpage to pop front.

Still don’t get why it works in the main patch, but okay, lets learn to live with this. Thnx sir.