Understanding Bluetooth communication

i have a bluetooth heartrate monitor Polar h7 .
i wanted to connect it and graph the beats in vvvv so i just bluetooth connected it to windows using the general pair device system that i can find on windows 8 , started up vvvv and tried to look nodes such as bluetooth , then rs232 but i can find any way to connect to my bluetooth device .

my question is , why isnt my bluetooth device not showing up as a com port ? and then , how / where do i find how to connect a bluetooth device to vvvv ?

if i lookup bluetooth in vvvv s website , i can find one screenshoot of a bluetooth scanner but i cant find this as a node or contribution . https://vvvv.org/blog/bluetootscanner-(devices-bluetooth)-help2008.12.10-14.45.17

if you can guide me in the right direction , thanks .

Check HID node.

Hi Lecloneur , thanks for the info , i might have a problem somewhere else . i cant see it showing up in vvvv device type list in the HID node

yeah also i forgot to mention , and i dont know if it relevant at all but, it’s a BLE (low energy) type of device

For a previous project, we ended up ditching the polar sensor and opted for a Zephyr sensor instead, works with older versions of Bluetooth and behaves like a regular com port and is easy to read from https://www.zephyranywhere.com/resources/hxm

Thanks sunep.
that s what i was thinking , that every bluetooth device would show up as a com port .
but i wanted to compare the Polar with Chinese basic devices , so if i make something with it , anybody would have access to it easily.

also with a android bluetooth low energy debugger on android , i can read some hexa values from the sensor already

if recommend to go with the zephyr device, very easy and open to work with

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there is also the ant+ protocol for fitness equipment you could look into.

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