Undeletable Ghost-Pins

here’s an odd and nasty bug.

in certain situations VL creates/duplicates output-pins that cannot be deleted any more. this happens sometimes, when you space-move an existing output-pin into an if region, and then out again.


it is not possible to delete the “ghost”, you can just undo it. if you saved and restarted VL there is no way to get rid of it…
this does not happen always though - i could not reproduce it on a fresh patch.

try to reproduce with my VL.Telegram patch from here (post nr. 9).

  • open e.g. TelegramBotBase
  • find e.g. the BotName output pin in update
  • do as shown above in the GIF

this happend to me in RC6 and before.

Thanks again for the report. We’ll address this one after beta37. I’ll report back here once its done.

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