Ultraleap Gemini Driver

i’m currently testing the latest Ultraleap Device and noticed the tracking performance is a lot better with the current Gemini Driver compared to the older Orion Driver.

Would it be possible to update the VL.Leap package to gemini ? I checked out the repo but since i’m not the creator of the wrapper/package, it would take me definetely longer to get this working.


lol, just copied the latest leapc.dll into the package and it works. that was easier than i expected. so should be easy to update the nuget to gemini


Nice one @u7angel

For anyone looking for the updated leapc.dll find it in the gemini tracking software installed folder at
C:\Program Files\Ultraleap\LeapSDK\lib\x64

Copy it to (your nuget folder)\VL.Devices.LeapOrion.1.2.1\runtimes\win-x64\native