UI suggestion - basic math after double click

it would be perfect if after double left click in create node menu, you could write basic math operation, and vvvv would create it for you

even basic number box would be wonderful, so i duble click, write 5400 hit enter and value box of that value would be created, or write 120*3, and 2 number boxes with multiplier box would be there

just sayin

yes that would be perfect.
actually i make it intuitively like this and on the half way realize it doesnt work some times

thats the thing!

i did this several times just to write string box without realizing :3

like this one? operandomatic

oh yeah like that, ill try to expand it when i will have some time left :3

well i have made an auto expr node creator yesterday here: https://github.com/microdee/VVVV.Packs.mcro/tree/master/nodes/Modules AutoExpr (VVVV)
the syntax is

expr: 'var0=default'+cos('var1')+2

it will try to make an expr (value) node from every NEW comment which begins with “expr:”
optional variables can be declared with quoting between 2 ‘apostrophes’
default values can be set for variables by declaring it with an equal sign like this: ‘variable=default’

nice, but i need to have it like super simple quick :)

Thought about this a lot, (as i guess all core devs did years ago :) )
and i don’t prefer expr-(value) nodes here. In my practise, i always need the intermediate results sooner or later so i hardly use it.

These three improvments, however, would ease our daily life a lot without compromising the strong design rules of vvvv’s UI too much:

  • regular basic math operators that have unconnected unspreaded input on either side are displayed with that operand in the main part of the node name, e.g. [*3 or [1- or [[mod 8]([mod 8). Just like trading it like a description but leaving away this annoying – inbetween.
  • typing e.g. *3 results in such a regular node.
  • spectral math operators have their bin size pin hidden by default. This suggestion adds a lot to readability rather than to usability.

Unfolding typed expressions like sqrt(A-4) to several basic nodes is just a step ahead from here. Also adding the functionality to all nodes that have this typical single static argument, including strings: typing +“/assets” could easily not-expand likewise to a add-(string). I’m used to adding a space if i want to make sure entered text is treated as a comment.

Ah, and i’m missing inline code style for this forum ;)