UI get sluggish after some time

After some time the UI gets more and more sluggish as IL compilation seems to be slower and happen even when just panning the patch or opening one.

Tested on 2021.4.6-0766

Can you be more specific please? How long is some time? How many patches did you traverse? How complex is the project you’re working on? How many tabs to you have open after „some time“?

Sorry I tried but I can’t manage to reproduce it…

Patch isn’t big but I’m using FUSE, not sure this is related though. I just noticed that the yellow bar on the top left of the patch window was constantly reloading and it took only a minute before the patch window become really laggy.

It wasn’t happening with the latest release but it did with latest preview.

I guess this was due to some bad patching I did somewhere else probably…

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