Udp string saves and stings

I have a couple of patches which sometimes vvvv refuses to load and I have to go back to an earlier version.
It appears that the problem is in a stored UDP string (e.g. OSC from timeliner)

So the UDP string is stored in the .v4p file, but when vvvv tries to open it it throws a “FATAL ERROR” and doesn’t continue.

In the udp string there are characters which notepad++ reports as “NULL” and lots of non-ASCII symbols

try opening a Renderer (TTY) first, and then the affected patch. there you should get more precise info which line/character causes the troubles. then you can correct those manually and try again.

tty’s how i found what the problem was
thankfully with the line numbers from the tty window you can remove all the problems and get back to business.

i doubt this is a high priority bug

agreed. typical workaround is creating these binary strings with e.g. a SpellValue (String) node

the binary charachters are coming in externally from TimelinerSA rather than being typed manually into vvvv so spellvalue wouldn’t be the workaround for this issue