UDP Server trouble

I’m havin some troubles using the UDP Server node in gamma. I have an external device I want to communicate with. Sending to it works well, but I can’t receive the data. using other UDP tools it works immediately. Maybe it has something todo with vvvv not recognizing the IP of the network device?

as soon as I set a custom IP address, v4 doesn’t give me the IP anymore.


this tool is getting the data and v4 is not. (no I am not using them at the same time)


UdpServer (Reactive) has a local address input:

was this for allowing you to specify which network device to listen on? in case you have multiple…

The local address input doesn’t do anything for me… the network device seems to be found since sending works, I guess.

Alright, it’s a windows firewall issue. Port seems to be blocked only for vvvv. Investigating, but that was it.

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