UDP (server) connection can't connect and can't refresh after restart patch

As i start VVVV the UDP server node starts working.
As i close and reopen the patch, the UDP can’t connect (Error, socket already in use).
Is there a way to close and free the socket?
I tried with a clock/timer on the Enable pin to refresh the node connection. But is not working.
What i’m doing wrong?


when vvvv is closed, check the taskmanager, if vvvv.exe is still running.
if so, kill vvvv.exe and restart, should work then.

had that problem in the past, but could never reproduce it.

Sadly i tryied to restart vvvv.exe killing the process and running it again. But is not always working. Here you’ve got 2 screenshots (before and after):

can you describe a consistent way, step by step, to reproduce this?

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