UDP recieved

I can’t recieved with the UDP node.
My computer IP addr is and my device is
I can sending to my device, but I can’t send to my computer. I’m using UDP (server) for recieved one byte. But my UDP node recieved notting.

What the problem ?

I would guess your windows firewall is blocking incoming traffic on your port.

Firewall is off. I can’t recieved notting.
I can put my IPADDR on the UDP (server) node.
Is this really necessary ?

strange…can you test receiving UDP with an different software than vvvv? i guess it is not a vvvv problem though as this typically works.

not sure what you mean. how would you do that? there is no pin to enter the IPADDR on the UDP (Network Server)

I must send the data to and I can set this Ip Addres on the UDP(Network Server)

I tested with a other program and that works. But the vvvv dont works.

My UDP(Network Client) is set on and this send perfect.

still not sure what you mean. how can you set the address on the UDP (Network Server) node? there is no such pin!

does your PC have multiple network cards? what other program did you test with?