Udp or tcp stream

Hi all,

I want to read UDP data (e.g on port 3334, 3335, and so on)
and output it to UDP or TCP (port 3333 and port 3000) for multicamera system on a multitouch application.
It seems simple but somehow doesn’t work. I read the data o all ports, no problem so far (UDP Server).
Put it onto a Stallone(string). OK works so far…the data flows.
But when I try to send it back it with UDP or TCP Client, I guess the data is reformatted so that for example the flash application cant use it.

Any help?

If this would work then VVVV would serve as a distribution point for multicamera, multiPC, multiscreen applications.
No blobtracking or so would be necessary in VVVV, as CCV has implemented (in my opinion) best calibration and blob recognition alogarythms. For multicamera setup one would use just multiple instances of CCV configured to broadcast on different ports…

4to1udptcp.v4p (4.8 kB)

hi ahmet,

the SpreadCount of your Stallone (String) was set to 1.
try setting it to 4 and concatenate your spread of strings using + (String Spectral) .

in this case i assume you could use Cons (String) instead of Stallone (String) .

but maybe the easiest way is using just a + (String) .

4to1udptcp.v4p (24.0 kB)