UDP (Network Client) Causes 5-second Freeze

This is unrelated to my previous post about freezing/crashing…

I noticed that UDP (Network Client) will freeze up vvvv for a few seconds if you try sending to a client that is not connected to the network. Any workarounds for this other than not sending to that client?

helo gilbi,

cannot confirm.
i am on a 192.168.2.XY network here and when sending anything to an XY IP that does not exist nothing happens. are you sure this is the cause of the freeze you see?

I have a spread of IPs which go to the UDP node, and if I remove the IPs that are not currently connected the freezing does not occur. So I can’t think of any other explanation.

The problem is occurring with the TouchOSC+Svvvvitcher module I posted to the Contributions page a while ago.

I tried to make a simple test patch to replicate this behavior but it’s not freezing up :(

Ok this is bizzare. I was able to replicate this problem, but only by using the exact same string attached to UDP Input pin as was being used in my original patch. Use any other string and it won’t freeze up.

udp test.zip (2.1 kB)

Turns out any string with greater than 1024 characters will cause the freeze.

udp test.v4p (11.5 kB)