UDP Lost Package Bug


We have encountered some weirdness with receiving UDP packages.

a computer sends a large XML string (ca 15000 bytes) to broadcast. Some vvvv’s on some computers are receiving the string some are not.

the actual port on the network interface receives every single string. i have double checked this many times using http://www.wireshark.org/. vvvv seems to drop some packages in some cases even i am using the tokenizer to queue up each package.

hard to reproduce, but i have made 2 patches. A sender and a receiver. each patch needs to be started on its own vvvv instance; either by command /allowmultiple or on two different machines. The receiver patch will write lost packages to the tty console.
Now the hard part: try to make vvvv loose packages! give vvvv some things to render, try loading a moviefile. move around nodes. suddenly vvvv will drop some packages.
I guess it has something to do with large string rendering in ioboxes. some deeper vvvv graph evaluation problem i guess. i could not find a simple way to reproduce this behavior.

long term devvvvs, any idea?

ps: Xpath has a memory leak in beta20. try debugging with a newer version.

UDP Test.zip (7.0 kB)