UDP killing my CPU

Hi again!

i got a stable upd connection between 2 computers over lan that trigger a video as soon one video finishes up.

both are intel atom 230 1.6 GHZ 32bit machines. the patch with the udp client is no problem, everything runs smooth and eats up about 10% of the cpu with the videos running on vlc filestream in the render dx9

but the udp server… its on 94% permanently without the video even starting up. an, well it crashes shortly after that. i am only sending a boolean between the 2 computer and the videos are all saved local.

is it my fault or is there a reason why the udp server is eating up the cpu for breakfast?

Had something similar on the network that was poorly configured…
You can try with ZeroMQ

zeroMQ.v4p (14.5 KB)

thx for the patch. i started using it and it helps alot. everything is down to 10% of cpu usage.

also i found the problem why udp just ate up the CPU. My queue mode was set to concatenate. as soon as i set it up to discard it worked fine and run around 17%, still zeroMQ is much more resource efficient.

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