UDP -> FromBytes encoding

Hello there !
I’m trying to receive messages via UDP. With Beta it works nicely using AsString with encoding us-ascii but with gamma UDPserver, FromByte I got weird string. How can I fix this ?

hey jib,

the weird parts in the string are non-printable characters (ie bytes with a value <= 32). in beta those are not showing in ioboxes by default but you can enable to show them via the Inspektor.

in VL for some reason those are showing in the iobox but i believe it is a bug. will have to check. since there is also an option via ->Configure to disable showing those characters (which doesn’t seem to work).

so rest assured, the data you receive is the same in both cases.

side note: what you receive there looks like OSC messages. any reason you’re not using the OSC nodes for parsing, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Yy6DS3Imo

right, thank you @joreg that will do it

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