TypoSpread in gamma?

Hey! Is there by chance anybody who already developed a working solution to generate a good old TypoSpread like back in the days in beta?

You can see my current attempts in the attachments. So far I just managed to get the outline of a single letter with the SamplePath node, but it just works for one single shape and not the whole letter/path.

The other solution would be to generate the points of the Path, but the resolution of the points is very poor. Using a ResampeBSpline does not solve this (makes it look cool tho!)

Looking forward to some ideas! :)

hi there!

you can achieve a similar effect with a “dash” path effect. However, if you try extracting the paths’ points, you will only get anchor points. I did not find a way on how to access individual parts of a path to sample all curves to points.

Would also be interested in a solution.


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you can split the string, but the problem remains: sampling just allows access to the first piece of the Skia path.

This is very close to what we know from beta, but not exactly the same (each subpath will have at least one point).

note: most of the credit for this goes to @tgd who posted a screenshot on how to sample multisegments a while a go in element - thanks for showing the way!

here’s the patch. devvvs might consider adding something like this to VL.Skia

AlmostTypoSpread.vl (42.4 KB)


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