Typospread - fill

Is there a way to make a typospread work with the centre of a string instead of the outline? for example typospread will create a long rectangle for the letter “I” I want it instead to be a stack of quads on the Y- axis.

I hope this is a clear question. thanks

no. this is not possible

however you could try to design a font, which only consists outof strokes?

what i am asked myself for some time: does truetype actually allow non-closed polygons?

I’ve been googling for a stroke based font and can’t find any for Roman alphabets. I think Truetype allows stroke based fonts. It appears that stroke based fonts are very new and used to save memory for asian fonts.

Can anyone find a stroke based font online for the Roman alphabet?

a stroke has no thickness in TrueType. But every character has to be visible… So if you want to make a stroke, you have to create a very narrow rectangle.