Typo srpread + line binsize, interpuction, etc

how would you solve this, so the text is nicely constuct? I have two ideas,

make binsize example for every letter manually, then construct binsize for words with individual letters

or procedurally, constuct binsizes with Length(Vector2), so you know when 2 points are too far awaw from each other, and there make a break in a bin, but i dont know how to do that

but, i would like to use Factor on Typospread to animate the typo, so it would be best to have it procedural (although, i can use some math on these prepared binsizes to make it procedural as well)

Ah yes, I remember spending ages on this problem. I dont think I really found a solution to it other than living with it. There seems to be no logic as to where in the letter the points start or finish.

Calculating the length between adjacent points might work.

I will have a look to see how I fixed this, I made a really elaborate patch out of this. You can have a look at the results here: http://www.seltzdesign.com/blog/key-visual-jan-henrik-hansen-with-vvvv

From what I remember typospread has a few weird things about it, if you want to actually have nicely set text especially over a few lines - but its possible. I ended up making like an editor, where you can position, scale and rotate each letter individually.

Ah yes, of course. Just opened the patch to have a look. Instead of using Line to connect the points in the typospread, you just use points. If you use enough of them you will have a continous line without those weird connection lines.

You can use a 2-step approach where you have not so many typospread points and then use resample with various resampling methods to get different effects and end up with the many points needed to make them look like solid lines. Dont worry, vvvv can handle it ;)

@@seltzdesign: these are really beautiful typo-graphics!