Typewriter (String)

i want do do something like an directx iobox (string).

i discovered that its pretty complicated to patch a typewriter behaviour for strings. id like to have the editingcapabilities of a standart vvvv stringiobox, but as a node that has an input for the keystrokes and an output of the result. i mean editing with a cursor where you can delete charactes, arrow keys etc… i try to patch that with some basic stuff but would be cool if theres a node for this…

I did start something like this, but it behaved quite strangely! I didnt manage o fix the bugs and moved on to something else, I’ll see if I can find for a starter for you, cant promise though, too many folder on too many pc’s!

too many folder on too many pc’s!
sounds familiar to me…another hint that we need something like an svn for modules and patches…

i just discovered that the keyboardnode just outputs capitalised letters. you have even to do capitalisation by yourself…

mhh the keyboard nodes seem to designed to control patches rather than entering text to vvvv…

i mess around with the keycode outlet of keyboard and spell value but this gives not allways the right character… any hints? does keyboard use the localisation by windows?

Hmmm, I was just sampling and holding strings input from the keyboard, with a frame delays, biggest problem I had was the key repeat was every frame I seem to remember, it wasnt easy!

hello did any one got a typewriter module ? , i tried to patch something but did not get anything good

i did this one a while back; its far from perfect though.

thx diki for this patch , i,m having dificulty with space and backspace mostly to mkae them work as space and backspace

i has improved your patchis :)
i added backspace, space, no weird crap appearing usually etc.

this should come with vvvv

dikitypewriterwithacursor.v4p (23.1 kB)

A bit late but this is what my big Uncle Kalle cooked up a year ago…

This one has the arrow keys working, with space, backspace and delete key.

TypewriterKalle.zip (18.8 kB)