Typewriter double key press bug

hey y’all.

If you press a key while holding another, it will add to the Typewriter (String) node output either the newer or older character. Resulting in some missed letters and double letters when typing fast.


Type slower. I find using only 1 finger helps

Regulating the Binsize of Keyboardstate helped in my case.
Maybe it helps you as well.


tw.v4p (10.9 kB)

thanks d0this but this only prevents getting the double letters but we’re now getting missing letters.

Press and hold D and then quickly press F and release both. Yours misses the F. Without your processing it would have given a double F. Either way, no D

See @elias))’ answer ((forum:rfid + keyboard.

this should finally be fixed with the new keyboard nodes in our [downloads/alphas](alpha builds). for details see keyboard-mouse-and-touch-news