Two shortcomings with server (vvvv) node

OSC Data Types

The server-(vvvv) node is always sending using the string type. Is it because OSC’s Atomic Data Types are 32bit and vvvv uses 64bit ones? For me it would be much easier to receive the original types. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to find/write a .NET OSC library that makes use of the nonstandard argument types named in the specification¹: They include d/h for 64bit floats and ints, T/F for True and False - and N for Nil! I guess the current state is a little sacrifice in performance for a big win in compatibility, as so often.
But now that media software finally moves over to 64bit, should we completely give up OSC data types?

Requesting from Exposed nodes.

I need to read the values of my exposed nodes. The PinInfo-(vvvv) delivers wonderful subtype information, but no values. When sending an address without any values to them, some OSC implementations answer the values. The server-(vvvv), however, sets the value to Nil instead, which is in a way consistent. Can anybody think of a consistent request solution for vvvv? Or a workaround?
(I spread the address space for this action, so S-(Value) and R-(Value) nodes will not help.)

As always, thanks for any comments or hints.