Two seperate fft's for each channel of the audioIn node?

hey devs, is it possible to get two seperate fft’s for each channel of the audioIn node? if i use the rms i can get two signals but is there a way to achieve the same with the fft?

if the AudioIn is stereo, the fft should be stereo too, the first half of the slices is one channel, second half the other channel …

gracias tonfilm…

please … but one more thing, it looks like, the second half of the fft is in reverse order (frequency).
so if you take two get slice nodes with I (Spreads), put an Inverse (Spreads) after the second.

hi tonfilm, thanks again.
i patched this little setup and tested it on a stereo soundcard.
what i need to achieve is that when i change the balance of the stereo card to the left that only the white linear spread gets the sound and of course when i change it to the right only the red spread gets the sound.

this is needed because i want to connect two instruments to one line in (stereo) and i need a seperate fft for each instrument.

in my little patch both spreads get an input even if i change the balance from left to right etc. so i guess i didn’t really seperated the stereo input into two mono ones…

you wrote that i should use an inverse (spreads) but i thing this node does’t exist. do you mean the reverse (spreads) node?

could my little patch be improved by that?

i’m happy about any proposal…
cheers jannis

fft_analysis4.v4p (19.9 kB)

i used a little soundfile for testing that has a different recording on each channel. each fft should show one channel only…but it doesn’t…

while this works fine the rms node i can’t figure out what the problem could be for the fft.
cheers jannis

hi, ahm first, sorry Reverse (Spreads) not Inverse, my fault.

and you are right, the fft output is not stereo, i dont tested it really before i posted.

so you can hope that it will be possible in the next version, or you try with a soundcard with multiple inputs or two soundcards, and use two AudioIn and FFT nodes.