Two logitech webcam streams at once?

I’m thinking about buying a second logitech c920 webcam so I can test manipulating streams from two identical cameras, but I’ve heard conflicting reports about whether logitech webcams are capable of being simultaneously streamed from the same computer.

Has anyone done this successfully in VVVV?

I have had 4 x c920 cameras running on the same PC. Used the contribution for it. Did only have problems with USB traffic in the beginning, was solved by using 2 different USB ports (with a built in USB3 Card). I think 2 Cameras should be running fine, but it can eat a lot of performance at the highest resolution.

Useful to know, thanks. I’d heard a couple of people say that the logitech drivers weren’t happy with running two webcams at once. It’s good to know that isn’t the case.