Two links on one pin - bug

Hi devvvs, and vvvvers too!,

have someone found this:

If I connect first stallone then linking IOBox gives expected results (unlinking stallone and linking IOBox).

If I link first IOBox, then I can connect stallone too.

This happens on all pins I’ve tried with.

Saving the patch with the “bug”, quitting vvvv, and reloading project made me found the bug still there.

TTY does not report something useful.

If you find something in xml, could you please point me what’s wrong in it - just a hint helping me to read it -?

vvvv beta27.1, win7 64.

Thank you



Added some transform nodes, then I tried to alter link type, and only the last links I created, from stallone to transform nodes, has been affected.

Tried to reproduce this creating other patches, cannot be able to get same result.


RE-EDIT: downloaded file from forum, tried on a different machine with XP 32bit, double link still there.


2_spray.v4p > of1image (13.3 kB)
2_spray_3.v4p > of2image (4.1 kB)

Hello h99,

As i opened i see 2 links connected to the same pin but once i break it and relink it always took one link for each pin. However when i repeat few times it takes two links for one pin. The repeat was in no order, sometime twice and sometimes 8. I am doubtful to call this a bug since its not expected to connect 2 links to same pin and expect this confusion, just in my humble opinion.

Hi, UK,

thanks for answering, at least this doesn’t happen only on pcs I’ve tried with. And mostly, reading the xml doesn’t give any hint - that’s why I’ve been asking for some help in reading it, if contains traces of this error.

Then I defined it a bug, 'cos all symptoms lead there, though it’s a harmless one.


had the same bug with timeliner and filestream - two links to seek pin
but can’t reproduce anymore

I would call it a bug since it is very common practice to just connect the next connection thus deleting the previous one, it saves a couple of clicks that way. If this method does not always work the same, it is a bug in my eyes.

@sunep that’s exactly the way I found this stuff: extracting IOBox from transform > IOBox to Stallone > Stallone to transform node.

This is just a misleading one and seems that vvvv considers only the last created link, since everything works as expected: I decided to post it anyway.


Devvvvs took care of this.

See change-log-vvvv45beta27.2

-fixed some pin-connection-troubles that allowed double-links or failed to disconnect links in some cases