TV Tuner Audio/channel change

Hi there,
I’m using a Adaptec GameBridge TV tuner with a VideoIn node to use live tv as a part of a patch, I was wondering though if there is a way to output the corresponding audio as well? I’ve tried the audioin node, but I can’t get the tuner’s audio. Anyone have any ideas of how I could do this? (even a third party app to just output the audio would be fine, but I haven’t been able to find one)

Also is there any way I can bring up the panel to change channels on the tuner?

helo wombot.

i am afraid that is not possible in vvvv and i am not sure if you can use a third party program for sound while vvvv is using the tv-decoders video…probably you can use mediaplayer classic (see Software Tool Links ) to playback the tv-devices audio.

changing channels is also not possible.

all this would of course be possible if we did needed programming. but since this is the first request for this feature ever i only gets a very low priority on our todolist.

Possibly you can grab the TV-sound via the soundcard and a cable.
My old hauppauge USB-TV-card has a audio LineOut that is routed into the LineIn of the soundcard. That makes it work with the audioIn-node.
channel switching would be great.