Tutorials (audio)


total newbie here, looked trough the beginner tutorials here on the site.

i’d like to find some more tutorials, especially about generating graphics interacting from audio/sound input, VJ approach.

anyone know links to tutorials?

thanks everyone,

couldnt find any search options, i guess this has been asked alot before.

sadly, the most cited patch for getting started with generative visuals from audio is hidden very well in the depth of the file vault, inside the Koeln Workshop Patches found in the Workshop Gallery. it’s music3d.v4p by @tonfilm and should get you started. i can vaguely remember that it is now recommended to use ScopeSpread (DShow9) instead of FFT (DShow9) though.

(hey devs, how about including that one into the \girlpower folder?)

Music3D.v4p (22.7 kB)

The Beattracker (Dshow9) has a cool help file too. (make the node and press F1)