TUIODecoder node work uncorrectly

Hello friends.
I’m try to use the TUIODecoder for translate touch events to mouse events. As touch source I use TUIOdroid and CCV 1.4. During the work TUIODecoder decode some areas of work field uncorrect (the cursor begin jamping from uncorrect area to outside of this area). The first area by x from 0 to ~0,63 and second area by y from 0 to ~0,63.
Where is problem ?

TUIO3333-SysMouse.v4p (8.0 kB)

hei tsk,

this is a known issue to be resolved soon. meanwhile: have you tried what the helppatch suggests?

if reception of the values seems jerky:
set the Encoding of UDP (Network Server String) (which is hidden by default, so check the Inspektor) to ‘Windows-1252’.


THanck you. It work !)