TUIODecoder (Network 1.0) not work

Hello vvvvorum!
The guys tell me what was the matter.
I correctly insert port and ip in phone and patch, but the link’s not working.
Who knows the answer, pls


please try with a different port than 3333, 3334 and 3335 as those are used internally by vvvv as mentioned here: commandline parameters and here: boygrouping basics#which network ports does boygrouping use.

dear @joreg

Which ports are used?
I used ports 3333,3334,3335,4444,6465 but does not work (
Maybe this is due Wi fi network?


Please tell me who knows the solution to the problem?

the app has a problem on android, as reported here:

not sure if that also applies to the i-version. can anyone else try?

Thanks @joreg but i use ios app on iphone (

Worked @joreg

On the laptop is not working, but on the PC it works fine!
I use the same OC and 4v
Why it does not work on a laptop?

maybe you have a firewall active on the laptop?

Check your IP and network settings at the laptop…
There are may be problems sometimes. I use that TUIOapp for IOS and laptop.

Is your default windows language using latin characters?

had some problems with tuio decoder on systems using non latin characters. changing default language to english (or any other lang using latin chars) made it run.

not sure if this problem got fixed in the meantime…