TUIO encoding to control other apps from VVVV

halo fellow patchers,
we got a bit of a bugger here:
we try to control a (unity) game that runs on a second machine from within a v4 patch via TUIO.
the UI hardware is one of those awesome IR laser scanner systems from which delivers very clean TUIO data. the games graphics are captured via DVI right onto a DxTexture and is supposed to be controlled from the touch-scanner (the unity game receives TUIO as input).
the idea is to decode and remap the coordinates to the game-area and then decode it as TUIO again to send them to the game-computer.
however, encoding into TUIO data that is usable by unity-engine and other apps doesn’t really work. obviously we’ve tried thiv’s encoder but without much success.
does anyone have a clever plugin for this task?

check this

thanks, I certainly did check this, but thivs encoder module only works within V4 and doesn’t work for other applications. It doesn’t do the same thing that eg the TUIO simulator does.

zepi, this module sends TUIO over network. every other app can receive it.