TUIO encoding "array out of bounds"

hi all,

decoding works fine for me when receiving from reacTIVision tuio simulator.

But when I try to send TUIO cursors from vvvv via UDP, my tuio decoder node goes red complaining “array out of bounds”

tuio vvvv test.v4p (48.4 KB)

beta39 here

sending TUIO from VL via udp to vvvv beta receiver also works.

i’m afraid i don’t see what the attached patch demonstrates. can you please reduce it to an example that exactly demonstrates your problem?

The patch just combines the two girlpower examples for sending and receiving TUIO. Basically I want to send some tuio cursers over UDP. If I enable send, the receiving TUIO node gets red and vvvv freezes / sometimes crashes.

TTY : TMPluginWrapperNode.Evaluate
00:00:36 ERR : Index was outside the bounds of the array.

confirmed. i now was able to reproduce the problem and it is fixed in the latest beta preview. thanks for the pointer!

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