Tty renderer issue

I’ve been encountering an issue with Renderer (TTY) where normal TTY output isn’t rendered. Only the text “renderer” appears in a gray box. My root patch has a utility patch (which I’ve attached) which just contains a TTY renderer with the logging option turned on, and a few small helpers. When I select the renderer and move it even 1px in any direction, it suddenly starts working. Even if I move it back to where it was originally, it continues to work properly (until I close and re-open the patch). The renderer is fully in view, so it isn’t that problem with things like IOBoxes that are partially in view.
There is a screenshot of the patch before (left) and after (right) moving the renderer.
I only started to see this bug recently, since I started using the sdk beta.

log patch (7.8 kB)

helo zer0,

please report all issues you have with the sdk/alpha in the new dedicated forums-alpha
but yes, this is a known issue with the current builds…