Trying to understand how input / output are matching (simple example)


I’m just getting new into vvvv for few days now and i’m trying to understand why sometimes input and output are not possible to get linked.

I can share here a simple example (among 2 ou 3 others not linking :-)

I put 3 boxes (an IObox slider, a map, and a filestream) - i connect my iobox & map.

i want to link my map output to filestream ‘seekposition’ input (to force a new position i will choose on my slider) and to link my filestream ‘duration’ output to my map ‘maximumdestination’ input

i’m unable to link one of these two link (see example joined, it’s not possible, i tried 2 ways of linking and it’s not working)

remark : this example is used as an educationnal example i’m trying to developp for me to learn vvvv - it’s a sort of mp3 player and i’d like use a IOBox slider to change my playing music position)

I suppose there is something about redundancy here, but i really want to understand why it’s not possible for vvvv and how to do such thing, and i f not how to avoid this.

(nota : i’m used to developp other computer langages like java / c# and it seems a natural way to link input / output - if it’s not the way vvvv nodes should be used I’m wondering why and how to think vvvv’s way :)

Thanks in advance for your answers !

input_output_behavior.v4p (15.7 kB)

the documentation has something to say about this: creating feedback loops

My last tutorial was about this: