Trying to keep particles alive and avoiding empty spreads from multitouch

I’m trying to get some touch particles working nicely. The attached example has two different particle systems, one which is based on the basic particle skia patch, the other is using the VL.animation.particle dependency. If you have a multitouch device when you touch the device (as long as it’s full screen and windows touch is recieving data from that screen), it should generate some particles from fingertips in two different ways:

Basically the issue is that the touch frame generates a new vector for each touch, and when that touch is released that part of the spread disapears, in the basic particle example I am keeping the particles alive until the particles die, and live when you release the touch, in the example you can see the square particles stay until they die.

I’m trying to figure out how to make this work for VL.animation.particles.

Any help greatly appreciated, and hope it sparks some others to experiement with some multitouch particle fun…

VL Multitouch Buffer - Original Edited 002.vl (95.3 KB)

hey superfly,

i gave this a shot and made the second part (using the animation.particles pack) also basically work:
VL Multitouch Buffer - Original Edited 003.vl (88.3 KB)

note though, that like this, it only works for 2 fingers max. you’ll see you can extend that to more easily, but it cannot be done in a way yet that it adapts to any amount of fingers.

maybe i oversee something but @dottore it seems to me that the inputs on ParticleGroup and ParticleSystem should not be pingroups, but rather simple spreads, then it would be possible to go full dynamic. or is there another way?

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