Trying to get skia output working on VL

I’ve got this working fine in VVVV, but I’d like to get it working in VL. It’s something to do with the Create and Update I think…

Touch - Barspray.vl (73.2 KB)

The Skia Renderer isn’t outputting, I’m probably missing something pretty basic…

Any help greatly appreciated!

two things:

the document is defining ParticleCreator and Particle, but it is not using them! The application of the document is empty.

go to Application and place the ParticleCreator node there:

only now the node will actually execute!

then inside the ParticleCreator you have a Touch node whose first input still needs to be connected to the Group node before it returns any data.

Amazing… Sometimes I don’t see the trees for the leaves… :)

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