Trying to build a really dynamic web interface, image streaming is too clunky

hey all -

okay, here’s my backstory:

i’m trying to create a really really dynamic remote interface for my vvvv-based home automation system

i have a number of android tablets I’ve placed around the house, and I thought the easiest way to interface with vvvv would be over a locally-served webpage. just open up chrome on each tablet and that’s that

PROBLEM: i don’t know css or javascript so I’m stuck.

then i find henrik’s vvveb lib (from 2010) that’s EXACTLY the sort of thing I’m looking for:

AJAX and an mjpeg streamer!

so I think, why not just make the whole interface ONE IMAGE right out of a Renderer with an HTML image map thrown over it?! Dynamic animations! Tweening! This is gonna be awesome! AND SO EASY!

PROBLEM: the fps coming out of the mpegstreamer is TERRIBLE. absolutely TERRIBLE. what gives?!

I take a look and it’s:


Renderer -> DX9Texture -> AsString(EX9.Texture) -> Add(String)(To Throw a little HTTP header on there to, I’m guessing, make the MIME type happy)-> TCP(Network Server String)

A clever and wonderful setup, but VVVV gets INCREDIBLY choppy trying to handle even a 400x400 stream at 15fps

There’s this forum thread from 2012 about elliotwoods retiring the AsString(EX9.Texture) node:

But, even the girlpower Network_Streaming.v4p patch is INCREDIBLY choppy.

Is this just a limitation of vvvv?

Is the AsRaw or AsString node to blame? The tcp node?

Is there a better method to accomplish this post-2010?

Any brainstorming?


(Right now I’m looking into having ffmpeg stream an mjpeg of the Renderer window and THAT’s proving problematic too.)

huh, i didn’t know that mjpeg streaming was so simple. very well done @henrik

i updated the mjpgstreamer (attached) to use [AsRaw (EX9.Texture]( and i get quite good performance on localhost. vvvv is sending out a 512x512 texture at 60fps on a rather old laptop… whats your verdict?

mjpegstreamer.v4p (11.9 kB)

my verdict is…IT WORKS!!!


thank you joreg! thank you, thank you!

i’m so crazy excited now, this is such a big deal!

good to hear. looking forward to your results in the gallery.