Try Region not catching ArtNet/UdpClient exceptions


I’ve noticed that using the Try region doesn’t work as I’d expect when wrapping the ArtNet node with it.


Even if the node is wrapped and reports errors, no error is shown in the Error Message output and VL pauses if RuntimePauseOnErrors is enabled, basically it bubbles all the way up to the runtime.

Therefore I see no way to detect and display this error if it’s based on user input and VL is not shown.

A simple test patch is included. This behavior can be seen all the way up to the latest gamma - 273.

VL.Bugs.TryNotCatchingSocketException.vl (5.4 KB)

Thats funny as I had almost the opposite thought, that I didn’t want udp giving an error, but to send anyway so the data is there as soon as a device is online (and also debugging when fixtures not present). Reporting of offline fixtures would be useful, but not as a red node error, and not as intensive as a ping, a is connected output?

Hm yes I think I wrote it like that on purpose - showing where the exception happended (takes place in a background thread) but not re-throwing it on update. The reason why I did it like that escapes me right now, will need to have a look at the code again. I see your point though.

@catweasel I think you want to see exceptions (pink nodes) like this as it’s not about whether the remote device was online, in case of udp it’s about some miss configuration or some other weired broken LOCAL socket state.

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