Truncated Saves

Been working on a rather elaborate patch, just got to the patch switching bit and now vvvv truncates the patch when saving, this has happened several times, I’ve rebuilt it outside of the main patch, when loading the main patch it truncates it again when saving.
Task manager reports 147MB memory in use for vvvv, is this simply too much? Is it having too many set patch nodes?
Unhappy Cat :(

hai cat, sounds strange.

i’ve never heard of anything like that. as always: if you find a way to reproduce this please share. i doubt it has to do with the memory usage of vvvv. there shouldn’t be any limit, softwarewise.

can you post one of the truncated patches?

Heres a truncated patch, I’ve also had the old, save a patch, but in fact it has simply deleted the patch, you still have a backup but no original. The original is about 28 k this one is 14k

Dx InterfaceMASTER2.v4p (13.5 kB)

Just an update, simply adding another patch into this one(when whole) has made deleted the v4p from the folder, and gives the old star never disapearing, ie oatch not saved…

I may have tracked down the problem, I am feeding the default of a counter via a a text file read from disk onload, and resting the counter to that number. I think that when the patch loads the file feeds the counter a null value which has a knock on effect that breaks the patch despite it continuing to load and function, and the counter working correctly after this. I’ve added a replace null before the reset value and have been able to continue patching. Its most odd, and was very frustrating! Does this sound feasible?