Troubles with OSC: max msp to vvvv

Hello vvvvolks. Haven’t been here since a long time and now back here with some troubles.

I need some advice for getting data from max to vvvv vie OSC.

Well, I am getting a stream of data from max. There are 4 separated parameters. Well, I wasn`t able to create my own patch for getting data - i’ve downloaded this one. UDP works, I get the data. But the problem is how to encode this. I am getting one stream with 4 parameters. Each parameter has an adress: adress/subadress. Bit if the sender prints the data he is sending to a txt-file, it looks like this:

adress dataXYZdigits subadress1
adress dataABCdigits subadress2
adress dataKLMdigits subadress3
adress dataOPRdigits subadress4

My patch would be able to encode one stream like:

But how can I split the data to 4 inputs? Especially because the order adress/data/subadress is not compatible with my patch. My patch convert the data in a strange way. The data should be digits from 0 up to 1.

I’m not sure I’ve described the problem good enough. I can give some more information of course.

I attach here the pach including the max-output and the data I could write in vvvv (txt-files).

I hope, somebody has any idea.

Juliett. (7.3 kB)

connect a OSCDecoder (Network) after the UDP node…

Hm, I don’t get… the OSCDecoder (Network) is connected to the UDP already.

sorry, havn’t seen the patch. i’d say you have to specify the whole address of the values with subaddress at the OSCDecoder. The argument pin should put out only the value.