Troubles of diconnecting leap

hi, i m on a w10 vvvvbeta41x64, with an ultra leap, drivers up to date, leap dev kit 4.1.0+52211_win

i m experiencing, despite being on VR Ready USB port disconnection with vvvv despite the monitoring is available from the leap software.

i know this is a bug that could be fixed by using the old orion v2.3 and some hacking of the Svc leap software with some HEX trick editing, but… i would like to avoid such dirty handling.

i m suspecting the disconnection arriving while vvvv is compiling - recompling in memeory all his instructions ( my patches are heavy, and i m using the ENABLE trick). All the rest of the system is very stable.

is there any way to suggest to the leap srvc to be really in a backamnesia mode ? any windows focus way to do it ?
or do you think that going on windows11 could change this behaviour?

thank you for your advices

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