Trouble with Ultraleap Driver

Hello, i m using an ultra leap IR170. Until 20 days ago the VL.Devices.LeapOrion 1.2.1 example was working, using the way described on the forum ( taking the LeapC.dll from UltraLeap/lib/x64 and putting int the runtime folder of the Library)…

But actually i have nothing working no more, despite the device is recognised and seeable inside the UltraLeap application. In the Gamma example it is shown as NOT connected.

I have dowloaded latest driver, and latest Gamma (6.3) , and install the librayryVL.Devices.LeapOrion .
Re done also the trick to change the dll, but still no devices seeable.

Does anyone have the same problems ?
Have you got any solutions ?

Thank you

upping the subject.

Up again. tested with classic leap motion, ample patch also no more working

You say it was working before … what happened in between? Do you have access to a different machine where you could try? If not, sometimes also a good and helpful test is by creating a 2nd user account on your Windows installation.

Hello @Ellias, thank you. I had a big update of windows. On my two machines. And the demo patch is no more working, despite i have a visual feedback from Leap application, and re done the trick to copy the LeapC.dll in the bin/x64 repertory of VL.Devices.LeapOrion