Trouble installing


I’m trying to install vvvv on Windows Vista 64bit Ultimate, but it crashes on startup and the symptoms dont look good. I can’t copy the program folder into Programme (x86). crack.exe looks okay (except that I dont see an uninstall button as advertised), but I get the following dialog on startup. Can it be that vvvv wont run on a 64bit machine? Any help would be very welcome.

try extracting it on your desktop like this:


there should also be a bunch of dlls in

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\vvvv45_beta26\bin\managed\VVVV.PluginInterfaces.dll etc.

run crack.exe, if all green, close it and run vvvv.exe

Thanks. Its now working. :-)
Strange. I thought I tried that last night…
There was a glitch during the original installation (Windows complained about a failure, so I did it twice). Seems to have sorted itself out now.

I now want to move it off my desktop. If I copy the program file somewhere else, and re-run crack.exe (as administrator) so that everything looks okay, I then get the crash. How do I move the program folder off my desktop?

sounds to me like some strange permission problem. i just put my beta26 installation to C:\Program Files (x86), and it worked. so i must admit i’ve no clue what’s causing this on your end…

That rang a bell. I just disabled User Account Control in Vista and tried again. Problem solved. vvvv is now in C:\Programme (x86) like most of the other programs installed on this machine – and its still working! :-)
Many thanks for your help.