Tron-like-Glow DX11 -> need HLSL help!

Hi guys! I’m starting to play some HLSL code, this is my first attempt to make a Tron Glow around a line.

The cool is, the TextureFX is spreadable (thanks @vux!) Now, I’d like to make spreadable the full process…

I mean, instead of having a chain Line->Render->cons(Texture) for each lines, I’d like to enter only a list of points and a list of bin-size. This mean, I guess, draw the line inside the TronGlow.tfx

Now I’m looking inside the Line(DX11.Effect), in order to bring it inside my shader, but is little complicated for me… can someone give some help?

TRON.rar (4.0 kB)

Can’t you render all the lines in 1 renderer and then texture effect that?
I’ve faked glowing lines by using a texture on a line, works for some things…

no the idea is to have separate output for different use, or with different parameters!

Don’t completely get what you want to do. If it’s consistently needing 2 layers you could go for multiple render targets. If you need N layers with different parameters, then you probably want to integrate the glow effect in to your line shader instead of vice versa. Also dx11 texture array renderer might be something could use in this case.

“N layers with different parameters” its exactly what I need! :D

so now I’ll try to integrate the glow inside the line, hope its easier…

I’m also looking at dx11 texture array renderer, at first glance seems it works for render the same scene from different point of view, or it do something more complex?

EDIT: now I’m realizing I need N textures with different parameters! So better make it inside the .tfx

For texture array renderer, it indeed renders one slice per view/projection combination.

Please note that in the case you use this renderer, in the shader you can also access which slice is rendered as well as slice count using :

int TotalSlices : VIEWPORTCOUNT;
int CurrentSlice : VIEWPORTINDEX;

Next build will have option to bind the whole texture instead of a single slice only (which will allow to use GS SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex to do multi slice rendering).

BSOD while playng with this patch.
NVIDIA Quadro 2000
Win 7 x64

During the patching the fan of the video card was going on and off…

So my questions are:
Is DX11 stable, or still work in progress?
The differences to set it up are more error prone than dx9?

Mmm BSOD generally means you have driver bug, so not much to do with dx11 implementation (your graphics card normally recovers otherwise).

Stability wise it’s pretty solid (couple issues with windows 8 but that’s getting sorted), used it for production on several projects and it doesn’t complain. For most decent applications it normally works smoother.

It’s pretty different and you have much more possibilities, so of course there’s some learning curve, but once you’re used to it it’s generally easier in 11 than 9.

Hey Vux! It’s possible/easy to draw the line inside the .tfx file? I need N TRON textures generated with different parameters, and I don’t know N so I’d like to have all the process spreadable!

Thanks Vux, your words encourage me…