Triplehead2go question

Hi there - bit obscure this one. I’ve just got a reconditioned triplehead2go which came without a power supply. I know a few people on here have got one - could one of you do me a huge favour and have a quick look on the power supply to see what the Volt and Amp ratings are - the back of the unit says 5v/3a but the docs online say 2A - If I can get away with a 2A supply that’d be great as they are cheap and plentiful whereas 3a ones are hen’s teeth.


The triplehead2gos I have here at the moment are all matrox triplehead2go digital edition and are powered via USB. Unfortunatly i do have no information how much power they really need.

The labeling of the power supply of an “old” DualHead2Go says secondary 5v DC / 2,5A, the labeling on the unit itself says 5V DC / 2A … I know, this information does not really help … but …


mine (alo meso i still got yours) says 5V/3A on the power supply.

thanks for that! will go hunting then…

you don’t need exactly a 3A power supply; you also should be able to use one with more “A”. so e.g. a 5V/5A PS should also meet your needs.

you can try 5V/2A type, but be careful about temperature. if this is really to weak it will surely get hot very soon.