Triplehead2go digital edition

Hi, this is my first chat here.
I bought a triplehead2go and everything is working correctly except the fact that I can only display in one screen at a time, I can swap between screen, b ut I’m not able to display in three screens in the same time.
I didn’t find any information about this kind of error.
If someone can help, I will be very thankful.

mY three displays :
Monitor 1
• Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp.
• Product name: DELL U2312HM
• Preferred mode:1920x1080@60

Monitor 2
• Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp.
• Product name: DELL P2210
• Preferred mode:1680x1050@60

Monitor 3
• Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp.
• Product name: DELL P2210
• Preferred mode:1680x1050@60

I vae tried only tw same screens in cas ethe third one resoulition is ther problem but the sasme issue only one screen at ta time.
I have a dell Laptop I7 pro windows 10 pro 64.

Hi @amri2020

First off, you need to set up the Digital edition, I assume that it is the one with DVI input and not Displyport. You need to use the Matrox software to setup the Triplehead to the resolution, in this case, the highest I can imagine would work without problems is 31680by1050. I can not imagine that this setup is there by default as it is relatively rare. It can hold a maximum of 4 setups at the time, they will show up in the display settings control panel in windows.
The triplehead can only work with outputs of the same resolution, so trying to get native resolution to all your displays will not work.
Also note to use resolutions higher than 3
800*600 require dual link DVI.
This is all a bit different if it is the displayport edition, but I guess that at least the requirement of the same resolution across displays is still necessary.
I hope this help


Hi Suneep,
and thanks for the quick answer.
okay let’s try to setup what you said.,
to do that can you help?
because I can’t see in the Matrox GXM quick setup I can’t see 3 1680by1050
I have added three screen shot of the different ways I have tried to see how to reach that resolution .
unless you are talking of another matox software to use, I don’t know how?
and thanks for the help.

first image:

second image:

third image:


Are you certain that you are using a dual link dvi output?
Can you choose 3 displays?
In your third image you have the option of two times your resolution.

Yea there is issues with it when you don’t use original cable to connect matrox and pc…

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