Triggering looping video

hi there, i worked a little bit with vvvv before and i have a problem to trigger a video that is released through a movement infront of a webcam (i use the trautner node), six videos are grouped on a texture.
I use filetexture to work with singe frames (its a very short loop). How can i make the loop playing once, when its released through the webcam, and make it releasable again not until its played to the end. Now it interrupts during playing, everytime its released, but i need it to be played until the end. patch is attached, i think its not so complicated. The counter gets the signal through the reset.

patch for installation 2.v4p (15.2 kB)

hello birdhouse, i think imageplayer from dujoducom
and MonoFlop (Animation) can help for your duty