Trigger videos in a grid

Hello! I’m just starting with VVVV and I need to trigger some videos on a grid using some buttons. I was seeing the notion of Spreads, but i dont understand it so much. I need to make a list of file paths and nothing but trigger them. Could someone help me? I think it’s something very basic.
Thank you !

Welcome to the forums @latanun!

Spreading is a very important concept in vvvv so i would recommend spending a little time figuring it out if you are new to the idea.

You can find some examples that should help you grasp the concept inside your vvvv’s install directory, specifically in the \girlpower\Spreading directory.

To get the list of filenames into a spread you can use something like this:


After that, you can just map each button trigger to the index on a GetSlice, something on these lines:


For the video playback bit, have a look at the examples in \girlpower\Video.

I hope that helps.

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