Trigger animation question

HI, everyone.

I am wondering what is best practice for triggering animations or gradual value changes, that stop once they reach the desire number.

What if I want to have 30 animations within a patch that get executed dependent if I press each of their own toogle button.

RIght now I have a toogle>lfo>Map(value)> (the value that changes animation)

I am wondering if this is the optimal way to do this?

In Max MSp there is a node(think it is called LIne) that you would tell it -
go from Number X to Number Y in X amount of seconds.

IS there such thing in v4? I tried using the MAP value interval advance but it seems rather confusing when I look at the help patch.

Any help is appreciated.

Linearfilter and inputmorph should get you there, check also the fungen module inside this contribution: quick-animation-modules

Thanks Sapo, Your Module is exactly what I needed, Very cool! I will study it to learn how you made it, specially the loop factor.

Thanks Again