Trigger a kairos timeline with an if else

I’m using kairos for keyframing (0 lenght clips, with values, pure keyframing).

I’m guessing if there’s a way to trigger it with an if else and a boolean condition. (in this case I’m using a hardware button thru firmata, it’s a physical computing project), and the kairos triggered timelines will be used for the servo’s/linkages mechanism’s.

A more convenient way to make robotic movement sequences.

Kind regards and thanks in advance.

Hey there,

If you’re trying to programmatically control the playhead of a Kairos timeline, have a look at the ClockControl node.

You have to plug the Output pin of the Timeline node to its Input in order to use it.

You might as well want to have all look at the Kairos course at the Node Institute


Works amazing!

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