Triangle efficiency

Hi all,
I need to create 48 triangles, all of different shapes/sizes/positions. They will all need to be textured individually.

As far as i can see the 2 best options are to use segments with homography, or to use the triangle node itself.
The triangle node seems to not accept a spread of textures (if i give it 48 sets of point coordinates and apply 48 textures, the textures are all on all the triangles, not spread across the 48 as you’d expect)

Any suggestions or tips for this?

thanks very much

how about using one texture with different texturecoordinates for each triangle?

the texture x + y inputs don’t seem to do anything on the triangle node, and if i apply 48 texture transformations to the triangle then it creates 48 copies of the 48 different triangles i’ve already created using the x + y position inputs.

indeed. when applying a spread of textures or a spread of texture transforms the whole vertexbuffer is spreaded.

but: for each vertex you can also specify a texture coordinate. like that you can grab different areas of one big texture for each triangle. and thats also the most efficient way to do it.

triangling.v4p (8.6 kB)